Author: psaaronkelly

Let’s Be Real

Recently I’ve been receiving messages from people thanking me for my vulnerability and honesty which most say, “I know it mustn’t be easy sharing so publicly”. To be honest, I haven’t found it hard at all, and neither should you. I’ve always been the guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, sometimes too much […]

You Do You

I saw a meme which got me this week. It said “If 2020 were a slide…” and the image was a metal slide with a young boy coming down, but someone had photoshopped a cheese grater onto the flat part of the slide at the bottom. I started to think about how this year has […]

Be The Miracle

Have you ever been frustrated that some people thank God for everything that’s good in the world and blame the devil for everything that’s bad? Have you ever thought that potentially the miracle we’re seeking isn’t the miracle we are needing? Have you ever thought that God in His goodness and power filled humanity with […]