about aaron

Aaron was born and raised in Melbourne Australia. Raised in quite a conservative Christian home. He grew up loving Jesus and His church. In his prepubescent years, Aaron knew that he was different. He felt he was and always had been called and anointed for full-time ministry within the church, however, he also was attracted to people of the same gender. Throughout his teenage years, Aaron sought much guidance and help from select Christian leaders who he was honest with privately. All of these men and women handled this situation in the only way they knew – pray the gay away. Aaron felt he only had one option. Since he could not reconcile the two (his sexuality and his faith) he chose God. Through the guidance of well-meaning Christians, he buried his same-sex feelings and desires and pursued a heterosexual life.

In 2009 Aaron married an amazing woman, Jacqui. Together they were married for 11 years and journeyed life, faith, family and ministry life together. In 2011 they had an amazing son, Judah and in 2015 they fostered Chris. Together they served in multiple church and para-church ministry placements over their years of marriage. In 2015 they planted Fresh Church which is a thriving and life-giving church community in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne.

In 2020 Aaron’s world changed as he completed a two year journey of in depth study into the theology of sexuality, faith and the church. Aaron did not enter this journey wanting to prove anything for himself. Instead he saw the hurt and damage being done to people by the church and needed to know for certain what the bible and God had to say on this matter. Aaron’s discovery was that the Bible said very little about what generally the church has a lot to say about – homosexuality. This caused a painful and heartbreaking journey for Aaron as he fought through anxiety, depression, bitterness, resentment, past manipulation, and a suicide attempt. Aaron eventually had no option but to bring this dark secret into the light, in order for God to bring healing and restoration to his much damaged and broken heart. This truth and the decision to separate from his wife to pursue who God had created him to be saw his world be turned upside down.

Aaron has been a Pastor, Church Planter and advocate for those without a voice in the church for many years. Aaron is a fantastic communicator and has spent significant time ministering in churches, events, conferences, youth & young adult gatherings and camps. He has ministered in various parts of Australia, USA, Poland, Ireland and Africa.

Aaron’s desire is to help people find their Fresh Start in life and be launched into hope and purpose through his raw, vulnerable and honest ministry. Aaron loves the church but knows it needs to change for the greater good of the world that God so loves. He believes that all people should be welcome and able to be a part of the church no matter race, gender, sexuality, or background. His ministry has and is empowering the lives of many around the world.