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Welcome to my world. Here you will find my musings on things like life, faith, leadership, church, love and more.

A vision of truth & transparency within the church, life and faith

The things you will read in this blog are the thoughts of a man. A flawed man. A flawed man who is learning, thinking, growing and wanting others to do the same.

You may not agree with many of the thoughts on this page. You may find some things offensive or hurtful. That is never my goal when writing. I believe thinking, discussing, opening up dialogue and challenging man-made structures, rules and patterns are an important part of finding God’s ultimate hope of good for us all. So please disagree with me, push back, question, wrestle, but do so in an open-minded, loving and respectful manner. Disrespectful, disruptive or distasteful trolls are not welcome here.

So come on in and have an insight into my thinking, and think aloud with me. Let’s venture together to find Jesus and His greater hope for humanity.

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